breakfast  served all day

breakfast of champions panini $6.75

egg, cheese & bacon on a  multigrain

panini. choice of side

classic cheese omelet $4.50

add for $.50 each: bacon, ham, sausage, onions,

peppers, jalapeños, mushrooms, tomatoes &

spinach. served with multigrain or sourdough toast

golden french toast $5.50

topped with powdered sugar, syrup &

seasonal berries. choice of  side

an eggcellent breakfast $7.50

3 eggs any style with choice of bacon or sausage. served with grits or homefries &

multigrain or sourdough toast

dads favorite bowl of oatmeal $4.50

warm oatmeal with powdered sugar & berries

awful waffle $6

(actually great but nothing rhymes with waffle)

belgian waffle topped with berries. choice of side

              bananas foster waffle $7

              blueberry waffle $6.50

              bacon & brown sugar waffle $6.50


breakfast burrito $7

sausage or bacon wrapped up with egg, cheese, onion, tomatoes, pesto sauce & side of salsa.

with choice of side


garden district egg $5

sunny side up egg and bell peppers, served over a bed of spinach &  multi-grain toast


the big flaky $6.50

bacon, egg & cheese croissant. with choice of side


a quesadilla for breakfast $8

sausage, egg, cheese, onions &salsa. 

choice of a side


2-dat breakfast$6

2 eggs any style plus your choice of 2 sides


scrambled florentine $8

3 eggs scrambled with mozzarella and baby

spinach. served with your choice of side & toast



sausage $2

fruit kabob $2

bacon $2

croissant $2

grits $2

homefries $2

multigrain or sourdough toast $1

biscuit $1

english muffin $2

daily pastries (prices will vary)



spinach salad $4.50

mozzarella  cheese, tomatoes & berries with red wine vinaigrette

b.l.t salad $6 

generous portion of bacon, spinach &

tomatoes. served with honey mustard

spinach and cheese dip $5

creamy dip loaded with spinach and three cheeses. served with chips

mini caprese $4

shredded mozzarella over sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegar


BIG club salad $6.50

turkey, ham, roast beef, bacon,

tomatoes, and cheddar cheese over baby spinach with honey mustard dressing

sandwiches  with choice of side:

fruit kabob, mini spinach salad or zapp’s chips 

add any of our bowl of soups for just $3

the tish dish $7.00

an ole favorite. grilled cheese with a cup of

tomato soup. umm umm good

west coast turkey wrap $7.50

turkey breast, crisp bacon, swiss cheese,

spinach, tomato & avocado with honey mustard

pesto turkey wrap $7

swiss cheese, turkey breast, spinach, with

creamy pesto

crescent city club croissant $8

turkey, ham, roast beef, bacon, swiss,

tomatoes, spinach & honey mustard

the “elvis” panini $6

good enough for a king.

peanut butter, banana & bacon


drooling logan croissant $7.50

deli style roast beef with swiss cheese,

horseradish mayo, spinach & tomato

the ponchatoula $8.00

strawberries, turkey, swiss cheese, avocado,   spinach and mayo on sourdough

frenchie $7.50

grilled ham & swiss on a croissant topped

with cheesy béchamel sauce

create your own sandwich $7

circle your favorites with our ingredient sheet


b.l.t $5.50

bacon, spinach & tomatoes with mayo

on multigrain toast


the grilled creole turkey $7

a sourdough panini with turkey, spinach,

tomatoes, cheddar cheese with creole

mustard, mayo  & creole seasoning


veggie quesadilla  $7

spinach, tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushroom

& mozzarella cheese




the lucky ladle house soups $5

tomato bisque, french onion,

golden mushroom, cream of onion,

 loaded potato, broccoli & cheese

daily chef's choice


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